Luna Lovecroft
1 min readMar 23, 2016


I was about to finish some piece from drafts when I realize that all my personal stuff don’t seem to be important.

We were in the same airport, the same places in Bruxelles, the video news so painfully real.

It seems like the war in the end of world between good and evil, our Ragnarök, like so many books and movies told us.

At least they see it like this.

The only source of evil — the unwavering confidence in your own truth. The same thing that make your job interview successful, can make you a bloody dictator — or his dedicated follower.

Love, curiosity and compassion are the opposite. Those are features which can make you understand and accept the other people’s truth. Which can make you rich and flexible, resilient.

Did flexible ever won the battle against monolite? May be it did, but for sure not with ease. Nevertheless, it’s probably the only thing we have to oppose the fanaticism.

The new hero is not the one in a cloak with superpower. They are the people who strive to understand others yet stand for their own personality, who can unite by not losing, but by enriching their own identity, able to fight for the things they love and not against other human being. Who can form this magic circle, this society which defends itself with humanity, and not rage.

Sounds very odd, somewhat christian, somewhat utopic. Luckily enough, I know some people like this for real.

Love can win.



Luna Lovecroft

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