Sharing economy, applied to your relationships

Everything comes to its end

Luna Lovecroft
2 min readMay 15, 2016

How much freedom do we have here, in this liquid world, powered by technology. We can reach out to incredible ideas, try things we couldn’t think about. Find soulmates from another edge of the world. Experience life in many different places, enrich our lives with so much love.

How much pain should we overcome, leaving these places, separating from our beloved ones. Witness people changing, relationships degrading, ideas failing. Keep moving on, leaving the pieces of ourselves behind.

It is not a secret that everything comes to its end. The thing is, in the world of increasing speeds everything comes to its end pretty soon. We are used to pretend that everything is forever. We swear in eternal love, we define best friends as people who will be close no matter what, we treat our opinions as something made of concrete. It’s not.

This is a shift from owning to sharing economy. You don’t own your car, friends, house, lover, stuff, body — you rent them for some time. So you have to pay — annually, monthly, weekly, daily. And your gratitude, time, attention and love are your bank notes.

Gustavo Romano, “Time Notes”, fragment

Never taking things for granted means always paying your relationship bills, and that’s a piece of advice we all heard. Accepting the finiteness of everything just makes it easier. And being free of debt gives you an opportunity to find the best option for you, every single moment of your life.

Thank you for reading, by the way.



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