The only chance

Luna Lovecroft
2 min readFeb 21, 2016

Yes, this is my first story, and the only comforting thought I have over and over is that I have a chance to rewrite it again. I’m an adept of rewriting — creating lists of topics, writing first draft, looking at it in despair, creating five others — all to find a word that fits.

But what if all this refining work is just a procrastination? Just a fear of not being perfect?Of not being loved?

Can you remember the conditions you had your best work done, your best idea created, — was it in a comfort and relaxed situation or in a rush before the deadline? My best idea so far for a study project appeared in 5 minutes before a date.

The power of time constraints is incredible. You have only one try to make it happen — and so you make it, as best as you can. Just as the professional artists don’t use pencil for drafts — to have the only chance.

Why it works like this? Why can’t we have the same flow of creativity working in a regular pace, in a safe framework of planned inputs with no rush before the deadline?

Because only in this moment you are left alone with your work. No more worries about how people will accept the result, how do you look, do you need some tea before work or the cookie, no interest in the ways how your frends are spending this evening. No more ways to escape, and you raise: clean, humble and free, focused of nothing but your goal.

Humility and pureness are the key. The ability of being no more than just a tool is a superpower. To be clean, simple, solid, to not interrupt something, which is bigger than you, which is ready to appear when you get rid of all the husk.

Good luck.



Luna Lovecroft

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