There is an app for that!
Well, it functions in quite the opposite way but follows the same idea :)
Several months ago I woke up wondering what if there was an online tool that would store your worries for a limited time, so you could take a break from them, focus on the thing you actually need to do, and then pick up biting your nails exactly where you left off. I told about it to my dad who’s a developer, we laughed a bit, and then built the tool, — just to see what happens.

We called it The Worrysitter. You can find it here: (It’s free and fully private, we don’t store any data any second longer then we need it for the service to function.) We made it for fun, but it’s a tool that can help following the structure you defined: write things down, look at them with a fresh eye, and then pick the ones you can do something about and forget the rest.



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Luna Lovecroft

Stories from another hemisphere, written under a stripper pen name and in a second language. Because God forbid we make things easier for us.